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Welcome to the world of Herbal Ayur where we source you the best Yoga Holidays, Meditation Retreats, Detox Retreats and Ayurveda Retreats.

Enter a world of healing and rejuvenation. The wisdom of the ancient Indian sages that has been passed down from one generation to the next, a treatise that has been treasured for over 5000 years, Ayurveda is a gift to the world from ‘God’s own country’, Kerala. Located in the subcontinent of India, Kerala is the seat of all Ayurveda learning and practice.

From Kerala to your fingertips in the UK, Herbal Ayur Yoga and meditation Retreats brings the sister sciences of Pure Ayurvedic Massages, Treatments, Yoga and Meditation to the UK under one roof. This is a concerted effort to decipher the ancient texts and offer the holistic healing that only Ayurveda can.
Due to the demand and the success of “Herbal Ayur Massages”, “Herbal Ayur Yoga and Meditation Retreats” was formed as another division of “Herbal Ayur” to bring together all the sister sciences of Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation so that all can enjoy the wisdom of Ayurveda.
Herbal Ayur would like to welcome you on one of their "Well Being Yoga Meditation Retreats Weekend Holidays" which offer a range of holistic remedies to anyone who really needs to de-stress, (Stress Management) or looking for a detox retreat and rejuvenate. In a small group of a people, you can enjoy a very carefully constructed programme, which combines all the best of the wisdom of Ayurveda, yoga, and meditation. Our experts will ensure you leave this yoga holiday weekend in a state of profound and total bliss.
Yoga Holidays


• Yoga Sessions (3 hours daily)
• Meditation sessions (1 hours daily)
• Lectures on Ayurveda
• Lectures on Yoga & Meditation
• Lectures on Herbal Remedies
• Lectures on Ayurvedic Doshas & Healthy    Living
• Accommodation
• Vegetarian meals
• Cooking Work Shop
• One Full Body Massage (Extra Charge of £25 - Normal Price £50 - 50 % discount during retreat)

So, click your way into a whole new way of life the Ayurveda way.

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